Visualise your new flooring

Try out our brand new web-app to help you narrow down which product is best for you. The super simple process to virtually replace your flooring and test out a few range of different products before you even order any samples.

How it works...

Our Visualiser is really simple to use. Theres nothing to download just click on the link below using a mobile, tablet or computer and try it out.

Find a product

Select a product you want to visualise and click on the "visualise product" icon to launch the visualiser.

Choose your room

Choose one of the existing rooms or take a photo of your own and upload it to the web-app.

Compare flooring

Swap through our selection of your favourite flooring and see how good they could look in your room.

Save and share

Save or share your chosen flooring and click directly in the app to order your free samples.

Simple right?

Still struggling, or maybe this has given you too many options? Get in touch with one of our team and we can help you find the right product to complete your room. We can guide you through the process of ordering samples and even give you a few tips on the best way to compare them.

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