Impervia benefits for large scale residential developments

Impervia has many benefits for the cost-conscious developer. It is quick and easy to fit and does not require money spent on adhesive, underlay or finishing.  Impervia comes with many luxurious décor film finishes, giving it a realistic and much sought-after look.

Available in plank form, herringbone and tiles, it is ready to use immediately after fitting and cleaning with no additional underlay required. The entire Impervia Flooring range has a non-slip surface and are rigorously tested under wet test conditions.  Due to its construction and 6.5mm thickness of each piece, the carton sizes are smaller, giving an added benefit of reduced areas for storage, benefiting large scale projects and reducing costs.

Impervia incorporates an intelligent 5-layer technology with each layer offering a unique benefit that perfectly suits to busy traffic from large scale residential developers.

These layers include:

UV Coating

The UV coating helps to keep your flooring looking great year after year. Keeping the Décor layer from fading and keeping your flooring looking amazing even in the sunniest of environments.

Wear Layer

The wear layer adds a natural texture to your flooring which helps us achieve that great non-slip surface whilst keeping your flooring 100%waterproof.

Décor Film

Where the magic happens, the decor film is the look of your flooring, completing your room with that perfect wood effect, without the worry of humidity or water damage. Just about the closest you can get to the real thing.And if you can’t find what you’re looking for we can even create a custom texture.


A mineral based core made up of magnesium oxide (MGO core)reinforced with tough fibreglass for stability and durability. This means it is fireproof, dent proof. shift proof and mould proof. Whilst being environmentally sustainable.


The insulating and sound reducing IXPE underlay gives it more advantages in high rise and highly populated areas.

Retrofitting can also be very popular with large scale residential projects due to its range of benefits such as saving time, costs and lowering your overall carbon emissions. For more information on how Impervia Flooring help Dandi Living with finding an effective way of retrofitting the 14-storey office block to accommodate 360 apartments with a heard waring flooring solution click here

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