Impervia Flooring: The best flooring solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Better and safer than Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), and more economical than engineered wood flooring, Impervia is the only option for luxury durable kitchen flooring.

Durable flooring for kitchens

Impervia is one of the best floors for residential properties. For example, we all drop things on the kitchen floor. Whether it’s dishes, dinner or drinks, you’ll need durable flooring to withstand it.

If you have a stone floor, dishes will break, and glasses will shatter. If you have a wooden floor, liquids like wine can still stain, however, this is less likely with wood floors than stone floors.

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With an Impervia floor, water or wine will not stain or damage it. Household items like dishes are unlikely to break because the ‘shock’ associated with dropping a glass or mug is much less with an Impervia floor than it is with a stone floor.

Durability doesn’t come at the cost of luxury. Impervia offers you designs that look like marble or stone slabs. Our Impervia tiles are 6.5mm thick and click together, so they’re easy to replace and fit.

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Sustainable flooring for bedrooms

Use Impervia Herringbone Parquet in your dining room, living room or kids’ playroom for a safe stain-resistant floor.

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Children’s bedrooms are perfect places for Impervia Flooring, as the floor is clean and will not harbour germs or bugs. Better yet, Impervia® is waterproof, fireproof and formaldehyde-free flooring. It is the sustainable, safe and healthy choice certified by Green Guard and FloorScore® by SCS. This means it contributes to better indoor air quality for everyone.

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