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The perfect fit for your project

Are you looking for luxury and desiring durability? Impervia® Flooring is proud to present our range of porcelain tiles, designed to deliver lavish looks and enhanced strength to fit your project's needs, whether it's walls or floors.

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The durability you desire, the luxury you deserve.

Projects are like puzzles, and we provide the pieces that fit the floors and walls you’re putting together. We add lavish looks and durability together in our tiles for the ultimate luxury experience.

Designed and developed in collaboration with architects and interior designers, our high-quality porcelain tiles capture choice colours and elite finishes to fit your desired décor. With our curated collection, you can change the ambience of any space with our timelessly stylish porcelain tiles.

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The quality you expect,
without compromise.

It’s no secret that porcelain tiles are the very best when it comes to durability. Our range is harder, tougher and less porous than other tiles, whilst creating the lavish look your project needs.

Our porcelain tiles are impervious to water damage, keeping your décor dreams alive at all times. Our careful construction processes prevent cracking and create tiles that are difficult to break, meaning Impervia Porcelain tiles are ideal for high traffic areas that give you the quality you want without compromise.

Made at the sizes you need

Having the right size tile for your project is crucial. Different tile sizes impact the overall appearance of a space and can either enhance the look and feel you were going for, or diminish your intention.

Impervia Porcelain is are available at the following sizes:

300 x 600 mm

600 x 600 mm

600 x 1200 mm

800 x 1600 mm

800 x 2400 mm

1200 x 2400 mm

Porcelain tile dimension chart