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Innovation and sustainability at the forefront of luxury.

With our porcelain tiles, we believe in constant evolution, bringing you the durability you desire and the luxury you deserve. Made to be multifunctional, you can piece together the perfect fit for your project, whether it’s cladding, floors, paving or walls. There’s plenty of options on the market, so here are some reasons why porcelain is the type of tile you need.

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A lifetime of no limits

It’s no secret that natural stone, slate and timber can take up a lot of your time and effort to install. With our porcelain tiles, your project’s potential is infinite. There are no limits to the design, colour and style of your tiles. Cut dry with minimal mess; our tiles don’t require sealing once installed, meaning your project can be up and running right away.

Developments in printing technology mean that porcelain tiles can last for hundreds of years in comparison to a couple of decades a ceramic tile can handle. Designed for durability, our porcelain tiles are perfect for lasting a project’s lifetime.

Durability you desire

Whether you’re working on a commercial or residential project, your area will likely experience high traffic. Porcelain tiles are a perfect choice for this and the undisputed king of durability. Porcelain tiles are heated at extreme temperatures to create extremely rigid, durable and stain-resistant tiles impenetrable to moisture. Our tiles are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Alongside this, their non-porous qualities ensure hygienic, easy to clean surfaces to protect against bacteria, resulting in countless opportunities across floors and walls for placement indoors and outdoors.

Perfect for every project

Unlike other forms of flooring like laminate and wood, porcelain tiles weather-resistant properties are perfect for projects looking for multifunctionality. Slotting lavish looks directly into your design, our tiles can cover walls as well as your floors. If your project is part of the great outdoors, our tiles are built for it, doubling up as cladding and paving. Our tiles are perfect for underfloor heating to keep you cosy and comfy on cold mornings. With their unparalleled versatility, our tiles not only provide practical and functional features but aesthetic enhancements too.

Revolutionary resistance

We take pride in providing porcelain tiles made to withstand heavy impact, high traffic environments. Built to be resistant to wear and tear, our tiles are compact and robust. Compared to their ceramic counterparts, our tiles are impervious to water, resulting in stain-resistant surfaces that continue to shine no matter what comes their way. Porcelain’s high-density properties mean our tiles are moisture-resistant and designed to withstand freezing temperatures and avoid cracking in the cold. Porcelain can be heated to extreme temperatures, making our tiles fireproof, designed to help prevent the growth and movement of flames in case of a fire.