Why Our Flooring Is The Best For Co-Living, Build to Rent & Student Accommodation

Building and designing large-scale residential projects, such as co-living, built to rent, and student accommodation, is no easy task. At Impervia Flooring, we believe it all begins with a solid base: the floor! Choosing flooring, from the durability, longevity and stability of it to its customisation and design, can completely change a room. Whether it’s our rigid planks or Herringbone parquet, our flooring is the right fit for co-living, build to rent, and student accommodation projects.

Don’t believe us? Here’s just a handful of reasons why Impervia is the perfect fit for residential works.

Impervia Flooring is the environmentally-friendly, sustainable alternative

With our forests ever decreasing and precious resources being used for an increasing market in wood flooring, Impervia® Flooring is the sustainable option to reduce your impact on the environment, whilst creating a product that is durable enough for even the most high traffic areas.

With no need for any additional underlay or adhesive Impervia® is the product you need to completely reinvent a space. It’s nearest thing to real wood without the worry of humidity or water damage. Impervia® is waterproof, fireproof and formaldehyde free flooring.

Impervia flooring meets all the requirements for a low impact floor on the environment.  All our Impervia Flooring has a FloorScore® rating which has been tested by SCS. FloorScore® is the most recognised indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayment’s.

Impervia flooring has a low-risk slip rating in the wet with a rating of 39, 38 and 40 which is perfect for commercial applications. Furthermore, it has a 21-decibel acoustic rating which means it reduce sound impact by 75%.

Create unique spaces with a single floor

Impervia has a lifetime span of any building and can be easily replaced by just removing individual boards or the complete floor and then installing it elsewhere. This means interior designers can pick up and play with a room’s atmosphere whenever needed to create unique spaces and designs. Simply put, the opportunities for designers are endless.

Impervia has been used in several buy-to-let developments in London including York House Wembley Park, a co-living retrofit project which used our White Washed Oak flooring. You can see the impact of such a simple solution to flooring for yourself below.

Impervia Blog 10_11

Impervia flooring can be used in residential and commercial developments. Our White Marble Stone tiles have recently has been installed in a restaurant in Birmingham.

Impervia Blog 2 10_11.jpg

To recap on why our flooring is the best for co-living, build to rent, and student accommodation projects, Impervia Flooring is:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • No Underlay required – each piece has IXPE Underlay attached
  • Non-slip surface
  • Simple and cost-effective installation
  • No adhesive required
  • Looks and feels like wood – due to textured and photographic layer
  • 6.5mm thick overall
  • Sustainable
  • Low Carbon Footprint and cost
  • VOC free
  • No emissions
  • Acoustic property 21db

We’d love to talk about your project. Get in touch by giving us a call on 01666 504 015 or by emailing us at contact@impervia.co.uk and one of our experts will be on hand to help you find the best product for your project.

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