Impervia Flooring Suitable For All Environments

Impervia benefits for large scale residential developments

Impervia has many benefits for the cost conscious developer.  It is quick and easy to fit, does not require money spent on adhesive, underlay or finishing.  Impervia comes with many luxurious décor film finishes, giving it a realistic and much sought after look.  Available in plank form, herringbone and tiles, it is ready to use immediately after fitting and cleaning.  All non-slip surfaces are  tested under wet test conditions.  Due to its construction and 6.5mm thickness of each piece, the carton sizes are smaller, giving an added benefit of reduced areas for storage, benefiting large scale projects and reducing costs.  The insulating and sound reducing IXPE underlay gives it more advantages in high rise and highly populated areas.

Impervia benefits for rental and student accommodation

Whist giving a luxurious and contemporary look, Impervia is ideal in high foot fall areas and is 100% waterproof.  Its core board is reinforced with tough fibreglass for stability and durability, making it fireproof, dent proof, shift proof and mould proof.  Student and rental accommodation may come under extreme misuse and with little maintenance required, Impervia flooring is an easy clean and ideal for quick turnaround, low maintenance options of accommodation.

Impervia in the Retail & Hospitality environment, shops & restaurants

With so many stunning design options within the Impervia range, whether herringbone or a high end marble look, there is something here for every architect and designer to dream about.  You can mix floor finishes to give a striking design or zoned area within a retail environment.  Hotels and shops can be transformed by adding and changing flooring to create luxurious environments.  Impervia is hardwearing, 100% waterproof, dent proof and mould proof.  Impervia is able to take the deepest of cleans, leaving it bacteria free and looking new every time.  With other benefits including being quick and easy to fit, does not require time and money spent on adhesive, underlay or finishing’s, then for any budget conscious project, Impervia is definitely the way forward.

Fancy becoming a distributor of Impervia Flooring?

Impervia flooring is flying off our shelves and fast becoming one of our most popular range of products.  With Impervia’s growing popularity in many of our major developers and architects, we would love to share the possibilities with you and discuss options to become a distributor.  If you have an existing client base and facilities in place and are interested in becoming the next distributor, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the future with you. Make contact directly through our social media or website or telephone us on 01666 504015

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