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York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study

We’ve worked with Dandi Living who are Architects and Developers for more than 12 years. Recently they requested our luxury flooring at the York House, Wembley.

Client’s & Developers: Dandi Living

Main Contractor: Ernest Park

The client wanted a cost effective way of retrofitting the 14 storey office block to accommodate 360 apartments with a hard wearing flooring solution.

The total square metres of Impervia® flooring supplied is over 9,500 m2. It will be fitted throughout the apartment’s including kitchens and bathrooms.

The existing concrete floors were in a very poor condition. Large areas were crumbling and the compressive strength was below 10N/mm2 in places. The concrete had sagged in the middle on each floor which had resulted in the surface being as much as 70mm out of level. We involved Sika at the early stages so that the building could be assessed properly and the correct specification for subfloor materials be proposed.  Utilising their specialist self levelling flooring solutions Sika were able to provide a hard wearing super flat surface to an SR1 finish before the floor was installed.

The floors at the York House are being levelled now and the Impervia® will be installed in January 2020 At 1,000 m2 per week. It will go straight down on to the Flat level sub floor with no adhesive or underlay needed because of its acoustic backing. This saves time and cost. The Impervia® will be installed in every room including the kitchen and bathroom for easy maintenance and cleanliness. The client chose Impervia® because of its quality and durability as well as all its benefits and features. Impervia® is more cost effective than any other flooring solution.

The images and processes shown here were taken in York House Wembley park where the client purchased an old office block to convert to residential rental properties. York House is shown below.

First the old floor had to be cleaned up with any loose old concrete removed and all dust extracted. You can see the old crumbling cement subfloor below.

York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study 6

The image below shows a flow table before pouring the Sika SCHÖNOXAPF fibre reinforced gypsum based screed, to ensure it is mixed to the correct viscosity. The circle should be between 110mm and 140mm in diameter.

York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study 7

The levelling screed is then poured over the old concrete floor to the required line and level.

York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study 8

After the screed has dried a Schmidt hammer issued to test the compressive strength of the floor. Tests revealed that the newly installed Schonox screed had a compressive strength of approximately40N/mm2 way above the strength of the old concrete.

York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study 9

The perfectly flat floor ready for the installation of Impervia Luxury Flooring which has an acoustic backing so there is no need for underlay or any adhesives.

York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study 10

Marking out the floor ready for internal fitout of partition walls and apartments.

York House | Luxury Wood Flooring | Case Study 5

Impervia Luxury Flooring has a 1.5mm acoustic backing producing an impressive impact sound reduction of 21 decibels. This means the flooring can be laid directly on the sub floor  without the need for adhesive or any other accessory.  See more details here:

The floor used in this development was the Impervia White Washed oak which gives the apartment’s a light and natural look.

You can see full fitting details which is the simple 5Gi push fit and also the manufacturing process here.

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