Designing Homes: How to pick the right type of floor for residential properties

Turning a house into a home isn’t easy. As architects, developers, and interior designers, you must take an empty box and fill it up with atmosphere and imagination. Whilst every home should have a heart, every house starts with a solid base – or shall we say floor.

Impervia Flooring and Impervia Porcelain are perfect for interior designers to pick up and play with for residential projects of any shape and size. Impervia® is waterproof, fireproof and formaldehyde-free flooring. It is the sustainable, safe and healthy choice certified by Green Guard and FloorScore® by SCS. This means it contributes to better indoor air quality for everyone.

But picking the right type of flooring for residential property isn’t easy. With plenty to choose from, there’s much to consider. That’s why we’re lending a helping hand with our quick guide to flooring types for residential projects. Read on to find out about the different types and the benefits they can bring to your next project.

What types of flooring do Impervia offer?

Our flooring types, designed for residential properties, are split into two categories:

  1. Impervia Flooring – classic patterns and modern trends combine with unique LVT collections for timeless flooring fits.
  2. Impervia Porcelain – porcelain tiles delivering lavish looks and enhanced strength to fit the floors and walls of your project’s puzzle.

Designed for durability, our range of porcelain tiles and luxury planks are built to last and are the perfect solution to fit in any residential space. We know the finish matters, that’s why we’ve split all our flooring into subcategories for you to find exactly what you’re searching for:

  1. Rigid Planks
  2. Herringbone Parquet
  3. Smart Marble
  4. Vitrified Matt Tiles
  5. Pixel Soft Matt Tiles
  6. Reflect Gloss Tiles 

Why is all Impervia Flooring perfect for residential properties? 

  1. 100% waterproof – Our flooring is 100%waterproof which makes it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, being super convenient for day-to-day life.
  2. No underlay required – Built into every plank (or tile) of impervia® flooring is a IPEX underlayer meaning there is no need to lay any additional underlay. 
  3. Non-slip surface – Our flooring “has demonstrated a low slip potential under wet test conditions” – check out the full technical report to see just how impressive that is.
  4. Simple installation – By using the latest 5Gi push fit system, Impervia® Flooring is ridiculously simple to fit. The plank really does just click together with no adhesive.

Why are Rigid Planks perfect for residential properties?

Our Rigid Planks are the way forward for creating cosy spaces.Warm and soft to walk on, our rigid flooring will bring any room to life, whether it’s kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms. As the nearest alternative to real wood, its rigid core offers water, fire, dent, shift, and mould-proof durability.

Both water and fire resistant, our rigid planks resist damage from impacts such as high heels and heavy objects. It’s high-density stone core makes it more resistant, making it installable in virtually any conditions, such as bathrooms and basements.


Why is Herringbone Parquet perfect for residential properties?

Our Luxury Herringbone flooring is perfect for picking up and placing into any project. It looks like real wood, feels like real wood, and holds up better with its waterproof qualities. Working on home renovations? Add our Herringbone Parquet to your list of must-haves, thanks to its softer, consistent appearance, which can be suitable for many different spaces.

Its mineral-based core is made up of magnesium oxide and reinforced with tough fibreglass for added durability and stability. As magnesium oxide is used in furnace linings and crucibles, it’s fireproof so perfect for kitchens and living rooms. Additionally, MGO is made up of 100% minerals widely used in the construction industry and is recognised as safe, stable and resistant to fire, water mould and denting.

Our herringbone flooring only has a repeat pattern of 14 to 1 which means it really does look and feel like a real parquet floor, perfect for creating warm, cosy homes.


Why Smart Marble is perfect for residential properties?

Our Smart Marble slabs inspire innovation and deliver a taste ofItalian luxury to any project. Perfect for bathroom and kitchen countertops, flooring and wall applications, our tiles combine the quality you expect with the luxury design you deserve.

Designed and developed in collaboration with architects and interior designers, our high-quality porcelain tiles capture choice colours and elite finishes to fit your desired décor. Renowned for being the most durable and dexterous tile on the market, porcelain is harder, denser, tougher and less porous than ceramic tiles. With their low absorption rates, they’re virtually impervious to water damage even after exposure.

Our tiles are built to bring high-quality styles to high-traffic environments. Resistant to scratches and stains, they’re easy to manage and even easier to keep clean. They’re multifunctional so they work just as well on the wall as they do on the floor. They even double up as cladding and paving. Our tiles can make any project feel cosier as they’re all suitable for underfloor heating.


Why are Vitrified Matt Tiles perfect for residential properties?

Homes can be high-traffic areas whether they’re apartments or houses. And where there’s high traffic, there are high-quality porcelain vitrified tiles. Our take on the most durable tiles on the market combines lavish designs with enhanced strength and prolonged exposure for the perfect fit for floors and walls on residential projects.

The perfect alternative to marble or granite flooring, vitrified matt tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures making them durable, water resistant and stain resistant. Better yet, our designs are built around captivating veins and swirling patterns, for fascinating looks and luxury style.

Porcelain Tile Matt finish

Why are Pixel Soft Matt Tiles and Reflect Gloss Tiles perfect for residential properties?

Combining rich natural stone stones and soft matt finishes, our Pixel Soft Matt Tiles are as elegant as they are easy-to-clean, with stain-resistant and water-resistant durability. This means you can have the home of your dreams that lasts just as long.

Grey tile matt finish

Tap into a taste of traditional Italian styles with our Reflect Gloss Tiles, which combine the luxury of Italia with the sustainability of porcelain tiles. Tailor-made for the floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens, this home-friendly collection is easy to-clean and water resistant. Working on a budget for a home renovation? This eco-friendly, sustainable option is a brilliant, budget friendly alternative to quarried marble.

Porcelain Tile Reflect Gloss Finish

Get inspired for your next residential project 

We know residential property projects can be puzzling. That’s why our carefully curated collection is here to help you piece it together. For orders of 1,200 metre squared or more, bring your vision to life with our multifunctional planks and tiles, made for floors (and walls!).

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